Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Arizona Professional Pet Sitters  and Associates (APPSA).  APPSA is a professional pet services association in Arizona area formed to serve the following goals:



APPSA will provide members the opportunity for the positive exchange of experiences and opinions through interactive discussion.  High standards of conduct among providers of pet sitting services will be encouraged and maintained.  Valuable information relative to the functions and accomplishments of successful pet sitting establishments will be presented to the membership.



APPSA will promote the business of pet sitting and educate the public regarding the benefits of these services and it will strengthen and promote the awareness of pet sitting as a professional occupation. The Association will foster goodwill between other pet care providers and pet sitters and the public they serve. Also, the Association will conduct and cooperate in courses of study to benefit Association Members and/or Phoenix pet owners.



  • Receiving referrals through the APPSA website and from fellow members.
  • Enjoying camaraderie with fellow professional pet sitters.
  • Attending informative meetings highlighting local professional business services.
  • Serving the local animal community.
  • Networking with other types of pet care specialists.
  • Educating the public about professional pet sitting in our area.


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To promote the value of professional pet sitting to pet owners.
To foster cooperation and support between Arizona Professional Pet Sitters’ individual businesses through networking and continuing education in the pet sitting field.


To positively impact the welfare of Phoenix shelters and animals.


Annual dues must be paid by the December member meeting.  If received by the treasurer after January 15th a late fee of $20 is due. After January15th, they are considered a new member. Any checks returned will be charged a $30 returned check fee in addition to the dues, member will pay dues annually in the amount of $50 to renew their membership plus the setup fee of $20.


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